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loldragon's Journal

We has a Dragon*Con
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Humorus Captioned Con Photos
Idea totally provided by the lolconnies!!

We've all seen LoLCats, and of course Ihasatardis and LoLGaiman.
And so we must jump on this nerdish bandwagon before it pulls out of the station.
Thus is loldragon created. Post here your pictures from Dragon*Con (any year, though 2007 will be most entertaining).
We only ask that you follow the rules:

1) Pictures without captions should be under a cut.
2) NWS pictures should be under a cut.
3) Please remember that loldragon are supposed to be fun, and not attacks. Before posting one, make sure to ask yourself "Am I posting this to be funny, or am I posting this to be nasty to the subject." and if it is the second, please refrain.
4) That said, please don't take pictures of yourself personally. They are all in fun, and sometimes, you look stupid. Sometimes I look stupid. Sometimes we all look stupid.
5) If you are unhappy with a picture posted of you, please let me know and I'll remove it unless it's something like "That was my bad side!"

Have fun!